We help you progress in your career.

Career Pivots’ coaching programs focus on the specific needs of the individuals.

Typically, our clients are ambitious, seeking to advance their career. We work with front line high potentials to Senior Managers, Directors, Partners and Executives. Programs range from 6 to 24 months. Coaching sessions are typically 1 ½ hours.  Objectives are defined at the beginning of the program and reviewed at the end to ensure a tangible ROI.  We generally undertake 360 degree feedback combined with psychometric assessment to determine base line behaviours and tangible goals. We are engaged by organisations to work with their teams, or directly by individuals who know coaching is important to advance their career.

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We are proud of our success rate and the feedback we receive. Our clients have progressed from Individual Contributors to Senior Managers leading diverse teams, from Managers to Directors, from Senior Managers to Executives and from Managers unsure of their potential and impact into confident Leaders delivering significant innovation and change.

As people progress in their career, technical skills become less important with emotional intelligence and leadership competence being the difference between average and superior performance. Our coaching focuses on impact behavioural change.  When you become aware of what you need to do in order to achieve your goals, your success then becomes a conscious choice. Our coaching acts as a mirror to show our clients whey they are now, a vision of where they can be and how they can develop the skills and competencies to get there.  Sometimes it can be scary, sometimes it can be fun, but it is always enlightening and beneficial.

“Your coaching has literally changed my life, in six months I have made massive changes to my leadership style, which has resulted in a promotion, but more importantly I am now enjoying my role, I feel calmer, I am embracing my leadership role & my team is more motivated. My wife also thanks you, as the changes I have made at work have impacted my relationships out of work. Who would have thought this was possible? Certainly not me.”-
“Thanks June. I have benefited enormously from your guidance and support and it has been fun. Looking forward to keeping in touch.- Andrew, Managing Director, Consulting Firm
“Thanks for all the coaching and feedback provided during our sessions. I’ve learnt something from all of them. The service you provide is invaluable and I wish you all the very best with it going forward”.- David, Partner, Professional services Firm