We help people like you, secure meaningful employment.

This may mean helping you to make a career pivot, apply for a more senior position, find a new role after retrenchment or re-enter the workforce after a career break.  We enable you to see what is possible, make a plan and then take the required action to secure the position. Our success comes from your success, sounds corny but it’s true!

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We do this by providing you with one on one coaching.  We also offer access to the knowledge and expertise of our chief coach, June Parker, via our contemporary online Career Accelerator Transition System.  June has recruited literally thousands of people over her 20 year career and has coached hundreds and hundreds to secure new and exciting roles. In addition, she has designed and implemented recruitment processes for organisations, and trained Human Resources, Line Managers and Executives how to interview and hire new employees.  We share with you exactly what you need to do to secure your next role quickly and more easily.

The Career Accelerator Transition System shares
– How to change career path to find a new role that motivates and excites you
– How to step out of your comfort zone to create employment opportunities
– How to tailor your resume to avoid too many rejection emails and land interviews
– What hiring organisations need to hear during the interview and how to position your experience to get the job
– How to network and tap into the hidden job market

The system comprises distinct modules; you select what you need when you need it, or invest in all the modules to get the best opportunity in your new role and career sooner.  The first module, Career Change, is available from March. Other modules will be introduced over the coming months.  When you buy access you will receive a unique user name and password which allows you access 24/7 for 6 months.

In addition, or instead of using the Career Accelerator Transition System, you can access one-on-one coaching with June or one of her coaches. Coaching sessions help get you unstuck and into action.  Coaching sessions are in person or via zoom/teams. To find out more email [email protected]  or call 0418 433 389 to book a session.

“The careers of tomorrow look very different to the careers of yesterday”

A Few Of Our Fantastic Team

Career coaching, outplacement and executive coaching.

June Parker


June is passionate about enabling people to reach their full potential. June has extensive operational leadership experience coupled with outplacement, executive coaching & recruitment expertise. June gained her 20 plus years’ commercial experience working in large and smaller organisations such as Selection Partners, Civilex, Link Recruitment, Compaq and Dixons. She has worked with clients across many industry sectors including manufacturing, engineering, legal & accounting, retail and energy.

Kerina Alter


Kerina has deep knowledge and skill in employment and career coaching. She takes a fresh and flexible approach to supporting individuals of all ages, stages and levels in their career. Kerina inspires people to realise their potential, stand-out, and action smarter job searches. Kerina has over 15 years experience in  corporate and career coaching.

Chris Reardon

Executive Coach

Chris has been passionate about people and helping them fulfil their potential.  He has been a sought after facilitator, mentor and coach for many years whilst also forging a career in international and corporate taxation at PWC. Chris has been consulting and assisting clients with performance improvement, leadership development, professional skill training and career planning. This work often involves facilitating programs which always incorporate individual coaching sessions.