We help your retrenched employees transition into new employment.

We all recognise organisational change resulting in redundancy is happening more frequently than ever. Your impacted individuals know this too and as a result, want the best advice, as quickly as possible to enable them to transition into a new position as soon as they can.

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Given this need, we have created the Career Accelerator Transition System.  As the corner stone of our outplacement coaching program, this provides first class contemporary outplacement support to all generations and experience levels via a range of  delivery mechanisms.  These include informative videos, checklists, eBoooks, and extensive resources to suit all learning types.  This means your impacted employees can have control over how much they want to access based on what is important to them.

Our outplacement support focuses not only on outcomes, but also on how people feel during the process. Our aim is to ensure they are positive, supported, valued and future focused, whilst they build their brand, develop job search skills and collateral to then secure their next position.

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This section explains what your impacted employees may feel after redundancy or job loss, and how best to manage their emotional roller coaster.  They will receive strategies to enhance their confidence and build a positive mindset. We help them to identify their unique brilliance and gain clarity on their marketable skills and experience.  This section builds self-awareness and job search resilience.  We provide exercises which help your impacted employees to fully embrace their potential and explore their next career steps.  They will build strong career transition habits and challenge any limiting beliefs.

This section demystifies the employment market and how hiring organisations use technology to recruit. Your impacted employees will learn how technology is affecting organisations and what careers of today and tomorrow look like.  They will be invited to consider career pathways, industries and roles, as well as further training and development to plug gaps in their expertise or to accelerate their career.  They will consider what work looks like for them; full time, part time, gig work, contract or self-employment.  This section provides career transition clarity, and options they may not have previously contemplated.

In this section your impacted employees will be shown what they need to prepare to accelerate their career.  How to create and promote their brand online, using LinkedIn and other relevant sites. How to create and tailor their resume to get an interview. How to write cover letters and answer key selection criteria. How to develop a success file. Know what hiring managers, HR and recruiters need to hear during interview to get the job. How to develop a system that keeps track of their activities.  Create a pitch and know with certainty why organisations should hire them.   They will also learn how to network effectively and tap into the hidden job market to create job opportunities for them self.

If self-employment is a pathway they are considering, all options from franchises and the gig economy, to setting up their own unique business will be covered.

By this stage your impacted employees will be clear which roles and career they want to pursue; they now take action. They will cover all job search strategies including online applications, direct company approaches, networking, working with agencies, having information meetings, exploring options and developing the skills and competencies they need to plug any gaps to demonstrate their value and suitability to an employer.

In this section, we critically review how they present online and in person; how they apply, communicate and follow up; how they interview and network. All with the purpose to get to the job negotiation stage then into their new role as quickly as possible. Once in their new role, we provide information to ensure they settle in and thrive.

For those seeking self-employment, their path is implementing the strategy created in the previous section

Our career transition service and the system can be tailored specifically for your needs.  This can include;

  • Inclusion of specific information regarding your program, forewords from your executive or HR, plus your EAP links or any important information embedded in the system
  • Video training for your managers, explaining how to communicate the retrenchment and outplacement process with their teams, and what to do after the redundancies have been made
  • Provision of career transition coaching sessions; in person, on-line or via webinars all conducted by CDAA accredited and experienced coaches
  • Provision of on-site workshops to upskill your impacted employees before they leave your organisation
  • Reporting on usage uptake, feedback and transition success

The system includes the following;

Videos & Podcasts

Ideas come from all places. It only takes one idea or one realisation to change the way you think and where your career and life can head.

Expert Advice

Ever wanted to know what an HR Director or a CFO really looks for when hiring? Learn from industry experts. Real people real insight!

Skills Development

New technologies will create many new jobs in areas hard to automate. Learn how to develop your skills to future proof your career.


Catering to all learning styles the career accelerator system contains; ebooks, workbooks, industry information and up to date tips & advice.

Career Assessments

Discover your strengths, skills and areas of passion. This helps finding a new fulfilling position can become laser focused.

People & Networks

Our Career Accelerator Transition system connects you with people in positions of influence and supports your career pathway.


Gamification on our Career Accelerator Transition system uses game elements to increase engagement & fun during your journey.

Action Steps

Invest your time wisely by focusing on what is most important. We provide guidance & actions each step of the way.