Outplacement Support

Organisations today operate in more challenging, competitive and fast-paced environments than ever before. Artificial Intelligence & the digital revolution are having an exponential impact on businesses. Leaders recognise competitive advantage, even keeping pace relies on being innovative, implementing change, restructuring work processes and changing talent capability.

Job search strategies and processes have also changed.

The format and content of outplacement processes therefore needs to adapt to keep pace & be relevant.

Outplacement needs to deliver solutions that not only assist your impacted employees to transition into a new role in the short term, but to learn how the world of work is changing. They need to develop skills and embrace continuous learning to pivot in their career to remain relevant and employable in the long term.

With our holistic and advanced Career Accelerator Transition system (CAT system), your impacted employees can have access to numerous expert coaches and industry leaders, combined with all the career transition support they need, when they need it.

The system can be stand alone or coupled with one one one coaching, workshops &/or webinars.  The system up skills your impacted employees in how to transition successfully into their next career stage. This may be full or part time employment, contract or gig work, self employment or a portfolio career. Your impacted employees transition at their own pace which means they need less one on one coaching reducing costs but not effectiveness.  To view the comprehensive system here