Personalised Coaching

For many people receiving access to an extensive outplacement system, such as CAT system, having access to expert coaches, mentors & industry experts via videos, webinars & on-line, is significantly better than a traditional outplacement approach. Our intention is to provide the absolute best career transition system, at an affordable price point, so everyone can access outplacement support.
If your organisation however, has the budget to provide additional one on one coaching support, we will tailor a package which combines our Career Accelerator Transition System with coaching. The amount of career transition coaching they will need is less, as they will know more and be better prepared for the sessions.

We also understand that for some impacted employees, perhaps those who; have worked with your organisation for a long time, haven’t looked for a new role for many years, have niche skills, are older or have some work challenges, adding more one on one coaching delivers additional support they may benefit from. This can be tailored on a needs basis.

Whilst our coaches come from diverse backgrounds, they all have a few traits in common. They are;

  • passionate & expert in what they do (because we only work with the best)
  • up to date with new recruitment methods & technologies (because we train them)
  • proficient in career tools (they know their craft)
  • located all over Australia